Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet
Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

For over 50 years, Porsche maintains the myth of the convertible sports car. And not just because the last car James Dean was precisely the legendary Porsche 550 Spyder. It is indeed in January 1948 there appeared the first brand roadster with a 1135 cm3 of 35 horses. Then succeeded 1949-1963 series cabriolet 356 speedster and the Porsche 911 Targa and 912, the 914/4 and 6, and finally the fabulous declination 911. Porsche does not fail in the same tradition discoverable for disappointing 944 and 968.

The latest in the line of convertibles 911, Porsche Carrera makes a big resistance to spyders Italian Ferrari 360 Modena F1 and Maserati “Cambiocorsa”. Less powerful than its rivals V8, the German and his fabulous flat 6 cylinder 3.6l 320 horses catches among others thanks to its ease of driving, braking reference and especially its impeccable build quality.

With this new convertible Porsche refused any concession at both the stiffness (the best category) than passive safety by proposing its arches deployable rollover and side airbags (exclusive to Porsche). Expensive (€ 86 960 and € 92 950 in Carrera 4 AWD), the 911 cabriolet justifies its price with complete equipment including a hard top no extra aluminum.

Born in 1963, the 901 became 911 (because of having filed Peugeot numerical designations with a zero in the middle) has never ceased to evolve without ever questioning the great original design. Unique in the annals of sports car, the Porsche 911 has been successful every time including its transformation in 1997 when its silhouette has been made more aerodynamic by tilting spectacular windshield.

From one end to the other of the world, the Porsche 911 is the mark first glance and continues to please and fascinate. Who would have thought that after 39 years of rule, it would still be the backbone of the Porsche through eight versions, from the basic to the Carrera GT2 very close competition models?

Very attentive to aerodynamic problems, Porsche does not simply replace the tin roof with a hood commonplace. High quality (discussed below), it was designed to provide a profile comparable body. Even work done at the hard top. Blower in Weissach have also been extensively studied drafts when the hood is open and the effectiveness of the safety net (which can be folded and stored in a bag in the trunk before). The result is truly stunning because even without a net, rolling hair in the wind does not pose any problems.

On board Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet, each component exudes quality. Upholstery leather bucket seats course, but also the instruments, controllers, meters and keys to the brushed aluminum (interior door latches for example). Only the hand brake lever does not refractory seriously.

Once installed and calibrated to operate well (despite the lack of power adjustment for the seat of the seats (both hand controls are not functional), we appreciate the readability of gauges (tachometer in the center position) and a digital reminder speed when the eye does not catch immediately the needle.

Visibility in the retro side is perfect as the central retro, the rear of the hood is mineral glass. Doubled and made into a canvas announced indestructible type “Sonneland” the hood folds into Z and takes up little space. All-electric (no manual intervention is required), it unfolds and folds in 15 seconds. Almost a record.

3.4l to 3.6l worn the famous flat 6 cylinder Porsche 911 has seen its power from 300 to 320 horsepower. The engine Porsche has once again found tricks to further enhance the potential of boxer without compromising flexibility and increase consumption.

Bringing the best of technology, 6-cylinder Porsche while aluminum has a variable valve timing, a retrofit hydraulic valve lash, an intake manifold flow controlled and especially management digital electronics for the ignition (6 reels) and injection.

Transmission side (the rear wheels), the customer can choose between the excellent 6-speed mechanical gearbox and a 5-speed automatic with sequential control.

With the engine braking, another trump even the 911 cabriolet. The marriage of a McPherson front axle revised and corrected and a multilink rear axle provides driving behavior of absolute rigor while a propulsion, which is a more all at the back, has always proven difficult to drive. Electronic controls behavior and especially traction control ensure grain without ever altering the pleasure of driving.

To further improve the efficiency of the 911, Porsche offers option (€ 565) a sport chassis. It includes lowering the body of 10mm, coordination stiffer springs and shocks and changes affecting anti-roll bars.

Different “packs” rims are available to clients. They are named “Sport Classic 2″ (1112 €), “Turbo Look” (1915 €) and “Sport Design” (1975 €).

Blessed are those who are fortunate enough to install the wheel of a Porsche 911. Ancient or modern, this sports car has always offered to those who can tame unique sensations. Unique because implementation requires extreme rear of the engine and conduct a “feeling” especially especially in the rain. Over the years, engineers have pushed the limits too far from the car. Developed with a hint of fingering, playing with the rear without taking any particular risk.

This fascination for the 911 is also due to the incredible performance of a boxer always available and whose harsh and metallic accents are a real treat for the ears.

A further asset of 911, box 6 well spaced, precise steering and braking very powerful and enduring than that of the Italian Maranello. Apart from a few unpleasant ski in the steering column on poor surfaces, ride comfort and cushioning surprise considering ultra low profile tires fitted as standard.

Finally, a word performance that can fly the debates and never find themselves in trouble double or get out of the traffic. A treat.

Online attractive and timeless good interpretation of the convertible rigidity, passive safety at the top, single engine, performance / consumption, braking, steering, comfort, low noise hood, top quality and its cinematic opening and closing.

Clutch pedal hard, held in cap (on bad pavement), trunk capacity front rear seat almost nonexistent.

Probably less ostentatious than a Ferrari or Maserati, Porsche 911 is a “must” among sports cars high performance. A proof with its six cylinders, it manages to remain in the wake of his two rivals and Italian, consuming much less. As a convertible coupé is also that will age with the best quality components and finished very serious. Whatever happens a good choice.